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Graha is a "cosmic marker of influence" on the living being of mother earth (Bhumidevi or Prithvi). In Hindu Vedic Astrology, the Navgraha (Navagraha - Nine planets or nine realms) are some of the major markers that point out the karmic influence on the behavior of the living beings.

"Aum, brahmaamuraaris-tripuraantakaari, bhaanuh-shashi, bhoomi sutau buddhashca, gurooshca-shukrah shani-raahu-ketavah, kurvantu sarve grahaah shaanti-karaa bhavantu".

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According to numerology, your personality can be determined through your numbers.

A number of traits are used to determine your full personality including, Birthpath, Destiny, Personal Year, Universal Year and Heart's Desire.

Calculate your personality traits to determine your true numerological personality.

Major Personality Traits :

  • Day of Birth -- a brief, first look at your character
  • Life Path -- your natural tendencies, abilities, and attitude toward the world
  • Destiny (Expression) -- the purpose, goal, and direction of your life; what you will tackle and manifest
  • Heart's Desire -- your inner motivation and most cherished values; what you choose to undertake
  • Personality -- your outward appearance and how others see you; what they define as you Habit
  • Realization -- the sum total of your Birthpath and Destiny; your achievement in this life
  • The Pinnacles -- the environment, people, and opportunities indicated in the four phases of your life
  • The Challenges -- companions of the Pinnacles, these define the lessons and liabilities you must confront
  • Personal Year -- what you must accomplish during the course of the year
  • Personal Month -- what to expect and what to do month by month
  • Personal Day -- prospects for the special days of your life
  • Universal Year -- indicates how world affairs affect humanity and your own personal numbers
  • Compatibility Between -- how your major numbers combine with those of Two People your partner (spouse, roommate, boss, coworker, or business associate).
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